Cinemaware's King of Chicago gangs up on iOS

If you ever owned a Commodore Amiga in the late '80s, then you probably played some games by Cinemaware. Games such as Defender of the Crown, S.D.I., Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon and the Three Stooges were all in my Amiga library at one time. Cinemaware is trying to make a comeback once again, announcing a revamped version of the Amiga's King of Chicago for iOS.

King of Chicago--Emulated Amiga Version, a remake of one of the company's original games, gives players the chance to be a wiseguy and battle Al Capone for 1930s Chicago. The game, scheduled to be released "in the coming weeks," will be Cinemaware's second classic to come to iOS, with the company having released Defender of the Crown last year.

Cinemaware has been a phoenix of sorts after its demise in 1991. It was resurrected in 2000, making a few GBA versions of its classics and digitally remastering others. It was acquired by eGames in 2005, and has been relatively quiet until late last year. Along with the announcement of King of Chicago, the company also relaunched its website as a tribute to its classic games and the days of the Amiga.