Kratos will be more 'relatable' in God of War: Ascension

In God of War 3, Kratos climbed upon Titans and fought the gods of Olympus to a bloody end. It's the very definition of epic. But Ascension is a prequel--what is the appeal of playing as a mere mortal? Game director Todd Papy says that Ascension's prequel nature allows the team to create a more "likable" Kratos--someone you could "somewhat relate to."

Papy explains that in the first God of War, "he was still somewhat ruthless, but there was a side to him that you could somewhat relate to. And that was something I wanted to get across." The goal? For him to be less of an "a**hole" like he was in God of War 3.

Speaking to Game Informer, Papy explains that the story of Ascension is more personal and more psychological. "The whole idea behind the story is more, 'How do you undo selling your soul to the devil?' In essence, that is the question that we are answering in this story."

It's hard to believe Kratos will be any more likable, given that we've seen him shove a knife into an elephant-man's brains. But, at least he won't hit any women?

"Where does Kratos pick up roughly six months to a year after he killed his wife and kid? What's his mental state? It's not a very pleasant one," Papy further explains, making us wonder how exactly we'll be able to relate to Kratos in this prequel story.