Copernicus MMO 'wasn't fun,' studio head reveals

Many questions remained after the demise of 38 Studios, the troubled gaming company founded by baseball legend Kurt Schilling. The developer had an incredibly ambitious MMO in the works, codenamed Copernicus. But why was so little of it ever shown before the company's closure?

It could be that the game, simply put, wasn't meeting Schilling's standards. "The game wasn't fun," the former studio head admitted. "It was my biggest gripe for probably the past eight to 12 months."

Speaking to Boston Magazine, Schilling admitted that the game was "stunning" visually, but "the actual things you could do in the game weren't engaging enough." While the MMO was "improving," it wasn't what he had wanted--especially after six years of development.

The magazine offers a poignant example of the game's lackluster quality: "When Schilling walked around during lunch hour, he says, nobody was playing Copernicus's internal demos. They were all on some other game."

According to Boston Magazine, Schilling desperately tried to save his company, even attempting talks with Take-Two and Nexon. Of course, no deal ever coalesced, and all we have left of Copernicus is this trailer.