Resident Evil 6: three new videos from three different campaigns

Capcom has shown off so much of Resident Evil 6, it's hard to believe that the game has any surprises left for us. Once again, the publisher has decided to show off the three co-op campaigns of the game with three brand new gameplay videos.

The first video shows Leon's journey through the sewers. His adventure is supposed to be the most like the original games, as it has you creeping slowly through a dimly lit environment. Oh, and of course you'll have to fight zombies.

BOOM video 13381

The second video focuses on Chris' adventure. While many have complained that his action-focused gameplay veers too far away from horror, director Eiichiro Sasaki says that the horror of his story comes precisely from having a large group of allies around you. "It's a kind of terror you can only experience in a group scenario... the escalating fear you feel as your team grows smaller and smaller."

BOOM video 13383

Finally, the last video focuses on Jake's adventure, fighting the Ustanak. Here, we can see the game's four-player co-op at work.

BOOM video 13382