OUYA to get exclusive game from Robotoki

While OUYA has many enthusiastic backers, there are still many doubts surrounding the upcoming Android-bsaed console. Skeptics want to know precisely one thing: what games will be available on the platform?

Today, OUYA has announced its first exclusive. Robert Bowling, president of indie dev Robotoki, has promised to create a prequel to his team's zombie apocalypse game, Human Element, exclusively for the console.

"When I first saw OUYA, I was super-excited. So excited, I was one of the first people to donate personally," Bowling said on the console's Kickstarter page. He even contributed $10,000 to the cause (meaning all launch consoles will have his username engraved on it). This OUYA-exclusive Human Element project will be an episodic adventure. Presumably, it will be out sooner than Human Element's projected 2015 release date.