DC Universe Online players mostly on PS3

Does free-to-play work on consoles? Sony Online Entertainment would argue "yes." The evidence? DC Universe Online. According to SOE president John Smedley, the majority of the game's players are on the PS3, making it the rare example of a successful console MMO--and perhaps one of the only notable free-to-play efforts on console.

"It's 70 percent of the audience. Free-to-play on PlayStation 3 is huge," Smedley told GI.biz. "In fact, right now, it's us with DCUO and Free Realms and our friends at CCP with Dust 514 that are going to prove that this market really works.

One of the reasons why PS3 has been such a great platform for SOE is the fact that many PlayStation Network members store their credit card information. With tons of items to buy within the free-to-play ecosystem, Smedley describes it as "very frictionless" if players do want to buy something.

The most recent expansion for DC Universe Online released last month, and focused on the Joker.