Game Genie for PS3 launches today, enables save editing

Remember the Game Genie? Apparently, it's back. The "Game Genie: Save Editor" for PS3 has launched today, and it gives you the ability to insert "cheats" into select games by modifying their save data.

The Genie is a USB dongle that plugs into your PS3 system. By copying save data from your PS3, you'll be able to use the included software to edit the data via your PC. For example, you can start Uncharted 3 with max ammo and grenades, and unlock Crushing difficulty right from the get-go. Or, you can unlock all of Batman's upgrades in Arkham City. There are currently 67 games supported by the Genie.

The peripheral retails for about $30. Do note that modified save files will disable the ability to acquire trophies in some games. Also, the device won't be able to unlock any DLC, even if it's on-disc. Finally, Hyperkin is pledging to make sure cheats that affect online gameplay can't be utilized with the Game Genie. "We are making every effort to ensure that the cheats do not affect online gameplay, but we cannot make a guarantee that the cheats will not have some effect on online gameplay," the company details in a Q&A. "In the unlikely event that we do find cheats that affect online gameplay, we will make every attempt to block or prevent users from utilizing those cheats."