WWE '13 Collector's Edition dubbed 'Austin 3:16 Edition'

Stone Cold Steve Austin was always the epitome of the Attitude Era of WWE wrestling. His bald-headed machismo, along with his iconic utterance of "Austin 3:16," is now the focal point of the collector's edition for THQ's upcoming WWE '13, and the game's return to the era that the Texas Rattlesnake helped make famous.

The collector's edition, dubbed the Austin 3:16 edition, features Stone Cold-centric goodies: an autographed card, an in-game red skull t-shirt Austin wore from around 2001, his in-game ATV ring entrance, and a DVD featuring Austin and the attitude that made him famous. A copy of the game and access to the Mike Tyson playable character (now only available through pre-order) are also included. The game hits shelves on October 30.

For those not in the know about where Austin 3:16 fits into WWE lore, it began in October 1996 after Austin defeated a Bible-thumping Jake "The Snake" Roberts for the WWE championship. Austin, playing off Roberts' always talking about the verse John 3:16, uttered one of the most popular catch phases in wrestling history: "Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass."

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