Rumor: First-look at Sony's super-slim PS3

Here's the first photo of what's likely the new CECH-4000 series of the PlayStation 3. Sony recently filed an updated model of the PS3 with the FCC, and many had postulated that the company was making an even smaller version of its home console.

Photos of a new PS3 model were discovered on the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications. Technoblog discovered evidence that Sony is planning three different SKUs for the revised system: 250GB, 500GB, and 16GB. The last option is especially curious. That model would offer the smallest hard drive in PS3's production history, and if it comes to the US, will likely be a "budget" model. (Could we see a $149 PS3?)

Joystiq points out that the revised system appears to have a sliding panel on top, "perhaps indicating a cheaper top-loading disc drive." While that would be extremely un-sexy, it would harken back to the PSone days.