Weekend Confirmed 121 - Ouya, Walking Dead, Gravity Rush, DYAD, Spelunky

By Garnett Lee, Jul 13, 2012 11:00am PDT

Weekend Confirmed's latest episode kicks off with some debate and discussion about the Ouya console--the Android-driven platform project that's recently been funded through Kickstarter--before diving into some talk about games like The Walking Dead, Gravity Rush, DYAD, and Spelunky. Garnett is joined by "Indie" Jeff Mattas, Andrew Yoon, and Christian Spicer while Jeff Cannata is away at the San Diego Comic Con. Finishing Moves brings it all home with some recommendations of a few things to play or watch during the summer AAA game drought.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 121: 07/13/2012

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  • Regarding Xenoblade, I think Ariel pretty much hit the nail on the head. Play it 'till you've had your fill, then walk away. You can come back to it later if you really want.

    My problem with the game is that, for a game that everyone lauds for cutting all the fat out of the JRPG format, there's a lot of pointless shit in there. For instance:

    I got to the point where I was saying yes to every sidequest, and then forgetting about them. Killing X monsters or collecting X trinkets is either gonna happen or not, if it does, it's a bonus, if not, I'm not going out of my way for it.

    I also stopped paying any attention to loot. Every now and then, I'd hop into the inventory screen, and shop around, if the numbers were mostly blue, equip it, otherwise sell it. Something that's better in one department and worse in another isn't worth my time. Why bother weighing the pros and cons of a couple points of agility vs a couple points of ether defense? New loot is always forthcoming anyway.

    I also locked down my party. Shulk, Sharla, and Riki. Outside of being forced to play as other characters, I only ever bought new equipment or assigned arts points for those three characters.

    I largely ignored the skill trees, and completely ignored skill links and relationship levels. Shulk and Sharla were at a high enough level that they crafted decent gems, and that's all I really needed.

    I also sold 90% of my gems and crystals. That shit just cluttered my inventory.

    I considered helping rebuild Colony 6, but then it became mildly inconvenient, so I didn't bother. A portable gem crafting furnace is a bit superfluous in a game where you can fast-travel anywhere at the push of a button.

    I jumped off every cliff I could find. Didn't really matter if the fall killed me cause there was usually a checkpoint nearby, and whatever non-fatal fall damage I took would be recovered in a few seconds if I just stood around. It's surprising how many encounters can be bypassed or made easier by jumping off ledges.

    It's worth filling in the collectepedia early on in the game, because you get some good stuff out of it, but at a certain point, you've got better loot than it doles out, so there's no point in keeping up with it.

    I understand why the mechanics of traditional JRPGs (sparse save points, heavy reliance on resource management, turn-based or active-time combat, etc) can feel dated or even frustrating, but in trying to dump those things, Xenoblade has adopted the same kind of bloat that pads out western MMOs.

    Here's holding out hope for the Last Story.

    And if not that, hope for western releases of Etrian Odyssey 4 and SMT IV.

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