Weekend Confirmed 121 - Ouya, Walking Dead, Gravity Rush, DYAD, Spelunky

By Garnett Lee, Jul 13, 2012 11:00am PDT

Weekend Confirmed's latest episode kicks off with some debate and discussion about the Ouya console--the Android-driven platform project that's recently been funded through Kickstarter--before diving into some talk about games like The Walking Dead, Gravity Rush, DYAD, and Spelunky. Garnett is joined by "Indie" Jeff Mattas, Andrew Yoon, and Christian Spicer while Jeff Cannata is away at the San Diego Comic Con. Finishing Moves brings it all home with some recommendations of a few things to play or watch during the summer AAA game drought.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 121: 07/13/2012

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  • If Garnett is already going to get into Brotherhood he should know that it's basically the third act of AC2.

    The storyline in it also continues to mostly deal with the internal politics of early 16th century Italy, just Rome and the Borgia family this time. It was actually pretty interesting interacting with characters I'd previously heard of from the History Channel.

    I really like the suggestion they came up with later in the show about the bleed-in effect of the Animus though. At the beginning of Brotherhood Desmond is already beginning to confuse his own personality with Ezio's. I always assumed that at one point a past Assassin's (Ezio or Altair) personality would emerge in Desmond himself.

    Oh, and I think the "Battle of Forli" DLC in AC2 is worth it, if only because it starts to develop one of the era's more interesting characters who only appears briefly in the main game but plays more prominently into Brotherhood.


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    • I'm not sure where Ubisoft is going to go with the bleeding effect, to be honest. It seemed obvious that they were pushing toward the direction the guys on the show discussed in Brotherhood, but Revelations was a curve-ball.

      Up to the end of Brotherhood we saw the bleeding effect:

      - Give Desmond free-running, eagle-vision and fighting abilities as if he had absorbed the years of practice Ezio went through in only a few hours

      - Several hallucinations of his ancestors' memories outside the Animus. The visions started out ghost-like and indistinct, but became longer and more vivid, at one point causing Desmond to black out. Some of these visions were exactly what Garnett was describing on the show.

      - Desmond was able to navigate the tunnels of areas that he had never been before by following his hallucinations, at the beginning and end of brotherhood.

      Revelations kind of a threw a wrench into things though, because we learned that the source of the hallucinations was Desmond's fractured consciousness. Essentially as he was downloading information from the Animus, he was leaving information behind, and different pieces of different memories were filling in the gaps.

      Subject 16 - who is the best example of what would happen to Desmond if he continued down the road (trapped in the animus, insane, and suicide in the real world) - helped Desmond put together the pieces of his consciousness by directing him to a cross-over point where all three characters - Altair, Ezio and Desmond were synched. This realigned all the info, freeing Desmond from his coma.

      So he could be completely cured of the effects of animus. Or he could be temporarily cured. Or he could be able to sync in and out of his ancestor's memories at will now. Who knows?