OUYA holding game port survey

The OUYA Kickstarter project, which proposes to make an open, Android-based home console, is still going strong and has well surpassed its initial goal. With the extra funds, OUYA is looking to find out which game ports are at the top of potential players' most-wanted lists.

A survey collects 20 of the most requested titles and asks for user input on the ones they want the most. It includes notable indie titles like Bastion, Minecraft, and Super Meat Boy, alongside bigger-budget blockbusters like Mass Effect, Skyrim, Call of Duty, and Battlefield. Keep in mind that the survey is meant to gauge interest, and doesn't necessarily mean any of these games will appear on the eventual OUYA console.

The project itself has gone well past the $950K mark, now hitting more than $4.7 million with 26 days to go. The initial announcement teased that it may fund some first-party titles, and now it seems to have plenty of capital to throw towards that effort.