The Last Story coming August 14

XSEED has revealed that the Wii RPG The Last Story will be released in North America on August 14, bringing Operation Rainfall one step closer to its goal of showing support for three acclaimed Japanese RPGs. The company announced the date today, along with a pre-order bonus tease.

The company tweet claims the soundtrack as a pre-order bonus, and existing pre-orders will get it as well if they're from the proper retailers. The game received a positive reception in Japan and Europe.

Operation Rainfall was formed to show publishers North American interest in these J-RPGs, and it's seen some success. Xenoblade has already made the trip to our shores, and The Last Story is now coming. The only game left of its original three-game target is Pandora's Tower, which seems unlikely for a US release -- especially since it didn't garner the critical praise of the other two.

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