Malicious brings boss battles to PS3 in two weeks

Would you be interested in a game that did away with dungeon crawling and puzzle solving--and offered only boss battles? That's the premise of Malicious, a Japanese action game from Alvion. Originally released in Japan in 2010, the game is finally making its way to the US via the PlayStation Network. It will be available on July 24th for $9.99.

According to the PlayStation.Blog, Malicious has you taking control of a "Spirit Vessel" in a quest to defeat the Holders, evil giants attempting to destroy the Kingdom. You'll have to destroy these Holders, but you'll be able to decide in which order you'll tackle these bosses. As in Mega Man, every boss you defeat lets you absorb its power, giving you new abilities to use on the rest of your journey. At the end of the game, you'll have to face the game's final boss: Malicious.

Don't expect it to be easy, though. Edge wrote in its review: "Simply surviving all five encounters and the final battle with a mere three lives may prove taxing enough for some, even on the lowest difficulty setting."