Max Payne 3 adds cheater pool

Are you a dirty, stinking cheater? Prepare to be matched up exclusively with others of your kind in Max Payne 3. Rockstar has initiated its cheater pool, because apparently sticking all the ne'er-do-wells together and making them deal with each other is a lot funnier than issuing bans.

A FAQ addresses some common concerns. Concerns like, "I didn't do anything wrong," to which the answer is pretty much "yes you did, you liar." Rockstar says cheating reports are screened and they only put users in the cheater pool if they have "clear evidence and documentation." Regardless, it does invite users to contact the banhammer if they feel they've been put in unfairly.

The company assures users they won't be banned for camping, and that it can't monitor for verbal abuse so that doesn't seem to be a punishable offense either. You also won't be able to play with your non-cheater friends until your time in the cheater pool is lifted. Rockstar will share more details on how long the pool will last at a later date, but warns players that going back to cheating after the first offense will result in a permanent ban.