Richard Garriott building 'New Britannia' iOS RPG

Richard Garriott's company Portalarium is setting out to make New Britannia, a social RPG, and funding has now been secured. With the game now on track, the publisher is moving forward with those plans, along with another social title.

A Facebook post last year described his "Ultimate RPG" as having customized Avatar homesteads, virtues reflected back at the player, and both synchronous and asynchronous features. Portalarium announced today that this dream project is in active development for mobile platforms. But, the company will first use its new round of funding to produce "Ultimate Collector" for browser and mobile platforms this summer.

"This is an important step for the growth of our company," said Garriott. "We are grateful for the confidence m8 Capital and Founders Fund have placed in our team and we believe gamers will ultimately reap the benefits from this partnership when they get a chance to play Ultimate Collector and see the unique mobile and social games that we are creating at Portalarium."