Dragon's Dogma may get 'new play elements' as DLC

Dragon's Dogma already offers plenty of extra missions and gear as downloadable content, but game director Hideaki Itsuno has hinted that more is on the way. In an interview, he issued a vague warning not to offload your copy just yet. Because (come on) why would you think Capcom is done with DLC?

"I'm sure many have already cleared the game, but for Dragon's Dogma, we're continuing to prepare new play elements," Itsuno told 4Gamer (via Andriasang). "It would be best if you held on to the game for a bit." Whatever he has planned, it sounds more ambitious than pieces of armor.

He also pointed out that he'd like to make "the next title," again confirming earlier statements that Capcom sees Dragon's Dogma as a "major franchise." But he says that will depend on response from the fans. The game received a generally positive critical reception, and cracked the May NPDs with just over a week on the market, so it seems to be well on its way.