Weekend Confirmed 120 - Dawnguard, Day Z, Diablo 3

By Garnett Lee, Jul 06, 2012 11:00am PDT

Despite the summer's dearth of new releases, the Weekend Confirmed crew get into some spirited discussions about Diablo 3's questionable end-game, and what it's like to be a vampire in Skyrim's new expansion, Dawnguard. Garnett, Jeffs Cannata and Mattas, and regular guest Andrea Rene also delve into some talk about the Day Z beta mod that brings hardcore zombie survival to ArmA 2, and opine a bit about ZombiU and Sim City Social as well. The eclectic mix of topics all wraps up with another batch of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 120: 07/06/2012

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  • In regards to the power gap between the Wii U and whatever Sony and Microsoft have cooking, Iwata might be right to a certain extent. The latest rumored specs on all three systems are making it look like the gap won't be as big, and ports between the three platforms will likely be a lot easier next gen.

    First of all when it comes to display tech, most Xbox and PlayStation games right now are in 720p, if that. We might get more 1080p games next gen but most developers will probably forsake resolution for additional eye candy. Running a game in native 1080p means putting out twice as many pixels as 720p. This will probably be the case for all three next gen consoles. So I think there's a greater chance of there being resolution parity between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

    RAM being the bottleneck is a good argument and we still don't really know where that's going. According to leaks/reports/rumors, the Wii U is looking more and more likely to have 1.5GB of RAM - 3x that of the Xbox 360. Sony and Microsoft's next gen systems will probably have between 2 and 4GB of RAM (I could be totally wrong). Take that for what you will.

    More importantly though, the Wii U is shaping up to be a system that performs on the level of Xbox 360 (or slightly above), but has more modern features and architecture, like functionality at least matching DirectX 10.1. A lot of 360 and PS3 games could not be ported to the Wii no matter how much the developer sacrificed because the Wii hardware just didn't have the right features - no programmable shaders for one thing. It doesn't look like that problem will exist with the Wii U, so ports down from PS4 or whatever should conceivably be easier on a technical level, they just won't look as pretty. In my mind, it might be like the difference between the PC version and Xbox version of Battlefield 3. It's also a question of whether it makes any business sense.

    I'll have to agree with the sentiment that up-ports from 360 will look like 360 games for the most part. The guys developing Aliens: Colonial Marines have already admitted that the Wii U version will have higher quality textures because of the additional RAM available, but I haven't heard anything more than that.

    Moving into the future, I think the best scenario for Nintendo would be for the Wii U to compare to the next gen systems the way the PS2 compared to the Xbox and Gamecube. The PS2 was weaker, but established a userbase early on and became the baseline spec for multiplatform games. If things go REALLY well for Nintendo and they can actually establish a leading userbase in 2013, some developers may just choose to start multiplatfrom games on Wii U and then port up to the PS4/Xbox8.