FileShack: Retrovirus, Platformines

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FileShack for the week of July 7, 2012 features the alpha demo of Retrovirus, an open beta for Platformines, and more!

Retrovirus alpha demo

BOOM video 13264

Cadenza Interactive, developers of Sol Survivor, presents the alpha demo for Retrovirus, a six-degrees of freedom shooter similar to the old Interplay Descent titles. "In Retrovirus, you are the Agent of an anti-virus program fighting against a viral army that has rapidly taken over parts of your system. Called on to respond to the crisis, you must defend the system and remove the virus before it can corrupt and destroy your world. In doing so, you'll explore a surreal software environment that pieces fragments of human reality into the fabric of its own world." Unfortunately, the game's Kickstarter funding ends Saturday, July 7, and doesn't appear close to meeting its goal.

Platformines open beta

BOOM video 13263

Featuring wonderful 16-bit 2D side-scrolling gameplay, Platformines is a "unique platformer with exploration, RPG and shooter elements set in a huge and hostile underground world." Developer Magiko Games says you can expect between 6 and 10 hours for the main quest, along with a randomly generated world for "extended longevity." Download the open beta, and see what you think!

Slender beta

Do you know the tale of The Slender Man? No? If you ever find yourself suffering from memory loss, paranoia, spitting blood, and insomnia, The Slender Man is probably out to get you. Creep through the woods in complete and utter darkness in the Slender beta for Windows, also available for Mac. Not for the feint of heart.

Beware Planet Earth! demo

Those dastardly Martians have a hankering for Earthly blood once more. Human blood? Nope. That of our most valuable asset: cows. Featuring a full story mode with 46 different levels over four seasons, 20 goofy machines, along with a fully functional challenge mode, Lightmare Studio's Beware Plant Earth! is sure to scratch your tower defense itch. Download and help save the cows from abduction!

GRIM beta

A project by six game design and game art students at the Utrecht School of Art and Technology, GRIM takes place on the planet P44-X that details the war exploits of a battle between the Persuasive Forces and the Insurgents. "The game strives to set an example of what small teams can offer the game industry on a AAA-quality level. Including our three game-modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Breach, the game offers a fun and exciting experience for everyone who loves playing shooters and has a soft spot for high quality game art." Give the GRIM beta a whirl.

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