Battleflield 3 double XP week happening now

It's fourth of July week, folks. Electronic Arts wants you to do the patriotic thing... and jump online and shoot some virtual dudes. Starting today, everyone can get double XP for playing multiplayer in Battlefield 3. "As always, double XP means your net gain for any round will be effectively doubled at the end of round. This goes for any map and any mode from the base game or any of our expansion packs, as long as you play on ranked servers."

According to Battlelog, if you're a Battlefield 3 Premium subscriber, you'll enjoy the XP boost for the entire week, until 23:59 Pacific Time on July 8th. If you're a lowly non-Premium member, however, the bonus will end at 1PM PT on July 4th. Maybe you should consider going outside and watching the fireworks, instead?