Death Rally revamp coming to PC

Remedy Entertainment revamped its classic combat-racer Death Rally for pocket telephones and doodads last year, and now it's bringing that back home to PC. "Entirely rebuilt" and tarted up for PC, the new Death Rally's coming to Steam on August 3 for $10.

The controls and camera have been tightened up for PC, Remedy says. Single-player and multiplayer now share the same career, while we're also treated to a new track, 'Savo,' and the return of Shadow Man.

"Our PC fans have been clamoring for Death Rally and it's time we finally bring it there," Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne said in the announcement. "It's been fantastic getting the game back to PC with the help of our development partners, Mountain Sheep and Cornfox & Bros.; Death Rally has come full circle now." The series was first born on PC in 1996.

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