MechWarrior Online trailer visits the Frozen City

One of the perks of being a mech pilot is travelling the galaxy and visiting many planets, seeing the sights and taking in the culture before loading up your missiles and heading off to explode men. Add a pin for Frozen City to that big map on your bedroom wall, as MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games has revealed the icy environment and its chilling effects on combat.

Snowfall comes and goes in Frozen City, so you'll need to rely more on sensors and scouting as the blizzards roll in. The inclement weather also means heat builds up in weapons more slowly, so you can blast away for longer. Ice underfoot means heavy mechs will be even less nimble, taking longer to stop when they're at speed. A lovely place to visit, clearly.

MechWarrior Online is launching free-to-play on PC later this year.

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