Ghost Recon: Future Solider PC launches with serious bugs

Despite launching well after its console counterparts, the PC version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has met criticism from players over a myriad of serious issues. The most critical issue appears to affect control input. "WASD and mouse in game do absolutely nothing," one fan noted. "I don't have any game pads hooked up and I'm not the only one with this issue."

The list of complaints on Ubisoft's forums is quite lengthy. There are some complaints about resolution, with the game locked to 720p, regardless of resolution selected. Others cannot launch the game due to a resolution conflict. In-game menus display Xbox buttons, even without a controller plugged in. Changing button maps won't save, according to another user.

According to Gamespot, "the team is working agressively to correct any issues as soon as possible," however one has to wonder why these serious issues were not addressed during the month-long delay the PC version faced. "As we all know UBI loves to blame PC game delays on piracy. Clearly it's not a piracy issue, it's an incompetence issue. This game is NOT finished," one user lamented.