Super Retro Squad Kickstarter already hits goal

Most of the time when we report on a Kickstarter campaign, it's because some cool idea has set a ridiculously ambitious goal and might just barely make it. It's a nice change of pace, at least, to find a cool idea that set a pretty reasonable goal, and already made it with plenty of time to spare. This is the case with Super Retro Squad.

The Kickstarter was only requesting $10,000, and has already hit more than $16,000 as of the time of writing. It still has 23 days left, so anything else it makes now is just gravy. The deal won't be officially closed until the deadline. Developer Exploding Rabbit was behind the indie game Super Mario Bros Crossover, and opted to kickstart its way to another retro game throwback.

But instead of setting a high goal, the team set a low goal with various levels above it. The minimum funding is already secured, but the team is planning what it can do with the extra money at different levels. So far it has mentioned a time attack mode, leaderboards, Achievements, translations, and additional levels.