Final Fantasy XI is the most profitable entry in the franchise

What's the most profitable Final Fantasy ever? If you guessed Final Fantasy VII, you'd be wrong. Final Fantasy XI has earned Square Enix the most bank, thanks to its loyal paying subscriber base. "Looking at profitability, it's the top of all past FF games," CEO Yoichi Wada explained at a recent Vana Fest event.

Given the ongoing success of Final Fantasy's first MMO, Square Enix has announced a surprise expansion pack. Coming five years after the last expansion, "Seekers of Adoulin" will be available in 2013.

According to Andriasang, the expansion pack will include new areas and two new jobs. And while there will be a retail release in Japan and Europe, the North American release will be download-only on both Xbox 360 and PC.

While it's commendable that Square Enix is continuing its support of such an aging property, one has to wonder how it reflects upon Final Fantasy XIV, its other MMORPG. That game has struggled since launch, and is being rebooted with a 2.0 update. Given how much money the company has made with XI, it's no wonder Square Enix wants to repeat that success with XIV.