Crystal Dynamics drops hints about new IP

Crystal Dynamics has been open about its development of at least one new IP, first teasing a reveal to take place this year, and just recently hiring for a next-gen animation engineer. These projects may or may not be one in the same, but Crystal D has been pretty fuzzy on the details. The developer has now shared a bit more insight, but plenty of questions remain.

The company's Crystal Habit podcast (via Eurogamer) revealed some bits about the game. "We have all these great IP, now is a great time, looking at the future, what's coming up in the console space, what's going to be happening next," said executive producer Scot Amos. "Let's start now, with a blank page."

Amos stressed the importance of this new game being completely original, without ties to any existing franchises. "Working from a blank page, and literally saying, we can do anything, we can do something that's completely off-the-wall and that nobody's ever heard of, we can go make up mechanics and be completely innovative and inventive."

He says he wants the game to be "fresh and familiar," in that it should feel new but remain easy to jump into for new players. "We're still very much in the early throes of creating both the team and this product," he said. "But certainly from a conceptual level, we're on a path that we're very happy with. We can't go into details until we actually announce it."

Amos's comments don't shed much light on the subject, but his comments about the future certainly seemed to imply that he was referring to the next generation. If that's the case, we may not see the game promised reveal this year after all, since the major manufacturers put off new launch plans until next year at the earliest.