FileShack: Dragon Age Legends, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

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FileShack for the week of June 23, 2012 features the free single player version of Dragon Age Legends, a demo for LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and more!

Dragon Age Legends free game

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Dragon Age Legends officially became a free game this week, available for you to download and play immediately. What's it all about? Dragon stuff, mostly. The ultimate goal is to build a castle capable of withstanding the Darkspawn hordes. You'll need to install the latest version of Adobe AIR before playing Dragon Age Legends.

Want to play Dragon Age II after finishing Dragon Age Legends, but aren't sure whether its worth your money? Download and check out the demo first.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

The Caped Crusader breaks a bunch of blocks with some fellow Justice League hounds in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, just for you. All your favorite characters make appearances, including Superman, Green Lantern, and the Joker. Gotham City is in deperate need of attention, so hop it and download the free demo.

The Desolate Hope free game

The newest release from Scott Games, The Desolate Hope is a freeware, science fiction title that places you in the shoes of a coffee pot. You like coffee, right? It features wonderful top-down style platforming and turned based clashes With no leveling, challenging boss fights, and a realistic day/night system, The Desolate Hope is a must play for those who love games.

Left 4 Theft for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Inspired by the DayZ mod for ArmA II: Combined Operations, Left 4 Theft brings the zombie apocalypse to your front door with Left 4 Theft. A total conversion for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Left 4 Theft allows players to explore a zombie infected world, join factions, and fight off the dead as they wage a war of attrition. Download the mod here.

World of Tanks update and 7.3 free to play client

It's that time again. The free to play World of Tanks rolled out a client update to version 0.7.4 this week, with tons of new features, including new vehicles, tanks, and maps. Download patch 0.7.3 to 0.7.4 for Europeans here or North Americans here. Alternatively, download the full 0.7.4 European client or the North American client.

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