The Binding of Isaac sells 700K

The grim and grisly game The Binding of Isaac has moved a whopping 700,000 units, according to developer Edmund McMillen. The revelation came amid some thoughts on the struggles of the recent Wrath of the Lamb downloadable content, which he says left "a bad taste in my mouth."

"Who would have thought a game about an abused child fighting off his mother with his tears could ever sell 700K copies in less than a year?" McMillen wrote in a statement to PC Gamer. "Not me, that's for ****ing sure."

All the same, he says Wrath of the Lamb ran into some bugs due to its size and scope. "The limitations of Flash and the abundance of items caused an infinite number of variables that we simply couldn't effectively test, and it kinda sucked," he said. As a result, he released a new 1.3 update for the DLC, which patches up some problems and adds a few new new bosses, enemies, items, music, and a new ending cutscene.

That's on top of the existing additions that came from Wrath of the Lamb, which included more than 100 new items, 5 chapters, 20 enemies, 25 new achievements, 15 bosses, and so on. In other words, this hefty update is being piled on top of a hefty update.