Final Fantasy 7 spotted for Steam

Steam fans may have a console classic RPG coming to them on Steam, if an apparent slip-up from Square Enix is any indication. A site briefly listed Final Fantasy 7 for the digital distribution platform, along with a few features of the port. Square Enix hasn't officially confirmed it, but considering the word came from their own site it seems fairly believable.

A cached version of "" (via Eurogamer) promises 36 Steam achievements, Cloud Saves, and a "Character Booster" feature to max out your levels on the fly so you can get unstuck from tricky spots. The domain was registered by Square Enix on June 15, so this leak makes an announcement seem imminent.

Around this time last year, both this game and Final Fantasy 8 were discovered in a Steam Registry, but the PC versions were dubbed "extremely temperamental" on modern systems. Maybe Square has finally worked out the kinks.