Penny Arcade Ep3 delayed on XBLIG, PC still on-track

Penny Arcade Adventures 3 has hit a snag in the Xbox Live Indie Games peer review process, and as a result it will be pushed back slightly while developer Zeboyd Games fixes the problem and resubmits it. The PC version, however, is still on-track to release as planned next week on June 25.

Jerry Holkins (aka "Tycho") announced the delay. Apparently the problem is with older units of the Xbox, in which pulling out the memory card while saving the game causes a crash. "We thought we had accounted for that exact scenario but apparently our failsafes against timed MU pulls were not as tight as we thought, so it failed Community Peer Review."

He says that the team can't resubmit the game for another seven days, so it will likely be submitted again around June 27. That still leaves a tiny window for it to release in June, but it could be pushed to July. When the game does launch, it will cost you $5 (400 MSP).