Clan of Champions Xbox 360 edition scrapped

The Xbox 360 edition of Acquire's "hardcore multiplayer action game" Clan of Champions won't be coming to North America after all, publisher NIS America has announced. On the bright side, the Tenchu and Way of the Samurai developer's medieval fantasy has been confirmed for a downloadable PS3 release this summer, with the PC edition coming via Steam "later this year."

Clan of Champions sends players off on various missions, armed for slaughter with swords and spells and stuff. While you can play solo, it's meant to be played in multiplayer, supporting three-player online co-op for missions. There are also 3v3 team-based battles, for those who scorn AIs and only hunt the deadliest creature... teenagers in Wisconsin.

The game was released in Japan last year under the name 'Gladiator Vs.' as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but the western release was initially supposed to hit PC and Xbox 360 too.

Hit up the official site for more information.