Okami HD announced for PS3 with Move support

Clover's delightful 2006 paint 'em Okami is coming to PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network, reborn in HD resolution with optional PlayStation Move support as Okami HD.

Okami, if you missed the original PS2 game, its Wii port, and the semi-sequel Okamiden for DS, is an action-adventure-y affair about the sun god Amaterasu coming down in wolf form to restore a ruined world. Armed with the mighty Celestial Brush, you draw characters and glyphs to influence the environment and attack foes. You can control this with the regular controller in Okami HD, like in the original, or whip out your PlayStation Move wand to slap down some ink.

Okami HD is coming to PSN this fall at $19.99.

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