Diablo 3 updates with large 1.0.3 patch

A large-scale patch for Diablo III has hit today, offering loads of class balance changes, the addition of an item level to gear, and some damage adjustments for monsters in Act II-IV in Inferno difficulty, among many others. It also fixes a laundry list bugs and reduces the rewards given for replaying quests. Sorry, grinders.

The full patch notes are pretty lengthy, so you may be best off finding your class of choice to see if they've been buffed or nerfed. Adjustments to Acts 2-4 in Inferno difficulty should assuage some concerns about the difficulty spike. Crafting costs for items levels 1-59 have been reduced 50-75 percent across the board, but repair costs are up between level 53-60. The notes also give a very detailed breakdown of how level 61-63 gear drops, if you're a stat junkie.

Blizzard is bringing in new patches at a fairly regular pace, having launched 1.0.2 just two weeks ago. Be sure to check out our latest Diablo III diary for thoughts and frustrations on the new Auction House.