Wipeout 2048 'HD' and 'Fury' add-on packs coming today

Wipeout 2048 for the Vita is getting a little more bleed-over from its console brothers today. Two new expansion packs will be available on the PlayStation Store later today, adding all of the tracks from Wipeout HD and its expansion pack, Wipeout HD Fury. The two can be bought separately or bundled, and they each add new crossplay tracks to race alongside the PS3 players.

The PlayStation Blog details the two packs. The "Wipeout HD Add-On Pack" will cost you $7.99 and add the full campaign and multiplayer content from the console game: 12 new tracks, 12 additional ships, a Zone Mode ship, and 12 crossplay tracks. The "Fury Add-On Pack" similarly adds 12 tracks, 24 ships, a Zone Mode ship, and 12 crossplay tracks for $7.99. You could also get both together as a bundle for $12.99.

The blog also announced that the content packs will be offered for free to those who already own the games on the PlayStation 3. If you own Wipeout HD or Wipeout Fury, you can download those packs on your Vita, or vice-versa. Plus, having some experience with those tracks will give you a nice advantage over the other suckers who waited till now to start racing.