Developers pulling games from Google+

Less than a year since launch, a few developers are pulling their games from the Google Plus service. Wooga has already pulled one of its games, and is preparing to remove two more based on lack of response. Meanwhile, PopCap is getting ready to pull Bejeweled Blitz from the service.

Wooga's Monster World was shut down in May. The company is now planning to remove Bubble Island and Diamond Dash by July 1. A representative told Joystiq that the decision was simply because "we have a much larger following on Facebook and they are active users."

PopCap told All Things D that the company will "redeploy our resources to other adaptations of Bejeweled," and added, "Google is valuable gaming partner for PopCap and EA, and we'll continue to develop for Google platforms."

Two developers don't equal an exodus, but as ATD notes, EA and Wooga are the third- and fourth-largest social game companies on Facebook, respectively. The games directory still has representation from big companies like Zynga and Rovio, but if the response continues to be underwhelming it may not make financial sense to continue supporting the platform.