EVE Online cautiously adding new avatar clothes

When EVE Online first got into the virtual clothing business last year, it ended in a right royal stink. After rededicating itself to the core spaceships action with two big expansions, developer CCP is cautiously adding new clothes as part of the Inferno 1.1 update.

Senior producer Jon Lander explains in a blog post that CCP has been sitting on a stockpile of almost 200 new purely-cosmetic items of clothing since mid 2011, taking care to stress that adding a portion of them in Inferno 1.1 them won't take up development time. CCP is doubtless still a bit daunted by players' responses to the avatar-oriented 'Incarna' update and their fears of future 'pay to win' microtransactions, and wants to avoid potential upset.

Some of the new clothes will be buyable with Factional Warfare Loyalty Points, which are earned in game, while others must be bought with the 'Aurum' currency, which can be paid for with real cash money or earned in game if you're particularly industrious. Aurum items are cheaper than past items, too, starting at about a dollar.

Inferno 1.1 also brings more updated ship graphics, camera tweaks, and some other gubbins, as detailed in this, ah, somewhat strange video from CCP: