Transformers Prime coming to Wii U

Transformers Prime, a game based on the TV show of the same name, may be coming to one more Nintendo platform. In the game's official platform listings, it states that the title will be coming for the upcoming Wii U system along with the various other platforms.

The listing was spotted on the Activision site (via Joystiq). As previously announced, the game is also slated for Wii, 3DS, and DS. One more Nintendo platform makes sense, especially since the 3DS and DS versions would indicate that the use of two screens has already been thought out.

The Wii and 3DS versions are being made by Now Production, so it seems likely the studio will handle the Wii U version as well. The cartoon and game star a small cast of Autobots: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet, and Bulkhead. It's due out this fall.