My Xbox Live app now available on Android

Microsoft's "My Xbox Live" app is now available on Android devices. First available on Windows Phone and later on iOS, the app lets you sign into Xbox Live, message friends, view achievements, and customize your Avatar. You can also see recent Xbox Live updates via Spotlight.

The iOS version of the app has also been updated. The "Discover" feature will let you find Xbox content from your phone to play on your console. You'll also be able to use your iOS device as a remote control for your Xbox 360. The app has also been updated with retina display support, for you iPad-totin' Xbox fans out there.

Major Nelson points out that the rollout of this app is not related to SmartGlass, revealed at E3 last week. "Yes, we do intend to bring Xbox SmartGlass to several platforms over time, but have no details to share right now."