Two Guys SpaceVenture hits Kickstarter goal

The Kickstarter for "Two Guys SpaceVenture," a new title from Space Quest creators Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, has passed its goal of $500,000 today. Described as a "sci-fi comedy adventure game," it plans to pack puzzles alongside pop culture satire.

The Kickstarter ended at $539,767 spread among almost 11,000 backers. The point-and-click adventure title is aiming for PC, mobile, and tablet devices. You'll play as space plumber Ace Hardway and his robot dog Rooter, though you'll sometimes take control of the imaginary game hero and giant chicken Cluck Y'Egger.

The story will be carried by a pretty impressive list of voice talent, including Gary Owns (Space Ghost, Space Quest 4 and 6), Rob Paulson (Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs), Robert Clotworthy (StarCraft 1 & 2), Ellen McLain (Portal 1 & 2), and John Patric Lowrie (Team Fortress 2).

The studio was formed in April, and opted to go the Kickstarter route in early May. It seems to have paid off, and another classic adventure series is getting a spiritual successor.