Gravity Rush downloadable content detailed

By Steve Watts, Jun 12, 2012 10:00am PDT

Gravity Rush is launching today, marking one of the most anticipated releases yet for Sony's new portable system. And just as the Vita seeks to replicate the console experience, Vita games are launching with upcoming downloadable content announcements just like their big brothers. Welcome to the future.

The PlayStation Blog outlined several packs we can expect in the near future. The Military Pack DLC previously announced for pre-orders will also be free to anyone who buys the game through PSN in its first week. The offer lasts until June 19.

On June 26, you can get the Spy Pack, which adds a spy costume, two side missions, and two Challenge missions. On July 10, you can get the Maid Pack, which offers its own maid costume, two side missions, and two Challenge missions. The Military Pack will go on sale July 24 if you miss out on your chance to snag it for free this week. All of the packs go for $3.99 apiece.

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