League of Legends player info taken in hack

Players of League of Legends are being notified of a recent hack that has compromised personal information. According to Riot Games, hackers have "gained access" to player data, including e-mail addresses, passwords, date of birth, and security questions and answers. The company is advising potentially affected players to change their passwords, as "more than half of the passwords were simple enough to be at risk of easy cracking."

Hackers gained access to certain EU West and EU Nordic & East databases, and all players on those platforms should have been contacted. (It seems North American players are unaffected.) Since the discovery of the breach, Riot has fixed the security issue and will "continue to invest in security measures."

"We've been humbled by this experience and know that nothing guarantees the security of Internet-connected systems such as League of Legends," a post on the game's forum (via Gamespot) states. "We can simply promise to try our very best to protect your data."

Although Riot promises that no payment or billing information has been affected by the breach, the company is advising everyone to change their password. In addition, if the same password is used on other sites, it should be changed as well. They also warn that hackers may send phishing emails to the addresses affected by the hack, "so please be extra vigilant about emails containing attachments or links."