MacBook Pro refreshed with Nvidia Kepler GPU, Retina display

As expected, Apple announced new hardware at its WWDC keynote. Of most note to gamers is the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh. The 15" model includes a Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M--a GPU in the high-end "Kepler" series. Prices start at $1,799 for the standard Pro. However, the company also announced a new Pro model with Retina Display support. The enhanced model also includes at GT 650M, and supports a resolution of 2880 x 1800. The upgraded model will retail for $2,199. Although not many games have taken advantage of it, OS X does support Unreal Engine 3. Technically, that means the new line of MacBook Pro laptops are able to run the Samaritan demo. However, Windows-based laptops that support even higher-end NVIDIA cards are already hitting the market. For example, the Samsung Series 7 laptop includes a GTX 675M graphics card and is available for around $1900. The Origin EON15-S includes a GTX 680M, and starts at around $1600. With tech companies finally prepping "next-gen" engines, it's clear that gamers--on both Mac and PC--have a lot to look forward to.

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