The Walking Dead: Episode 2 preview

Note: This preview contains spoilers from episode one and two of the game. The Walking Dead's second episode, is set to arrive later this month, but I took an early look at the first 20 minutes of it during E3. Utilizing the same captivating formula of the first episode, "Starved for Help" showed off numerous player decisions and the consequences that resulted from them. focalbox The episode begins three months after the events of the last, with the survivors running dangerously low on food. Lee returns as the main character, and he must hunt for wildlife in the woods. Accompanied by Mark, they encounter a group of college-aged kids, one of whom has his leg caught in a bear trap. The first part of "Starved for Help" has players making seemingly arbitrary decisions that can come back to haunt them later. For example, Lee confided to Mark that he felt crotchety Larry was a racist. Mark wound up spilling these details later, creating further tension amongst an already-apprehensive group of survivors. Other decisions need to be made on the fly. Going back to the bear trap, Lee had to decide whether to cut the kid's leg off and save him or leave him to an approaching herd of walkers. In this demo, Lee opted to save him and bring him back to the camp. This led to a major twist that I won't dare spoil here. Decisions from the first episode also weigh heavy on "Starved for Help." Various instances within the second episode are significantly altered depending who survives or perishes in the first episode. Choices in all parts of both Walking Dead episodes matter and I got a serious sense that no two playthroughs are the same.

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