Lucius spawning the son of Satan in October

Murdering people is a snap for your average space marine but it's a mite trickier for a six-year-old boy, even if he is the son of Satan and blessed with dark powers. Horror adventure game Lucius puts you in the shiny shoes of one such troublesome tyke, and publisher Lace Mamba confirmed today at E3 that it'll arrive on PC on October 26.

Yes, poor young Lucius is the spawn of Beelzebub, which brings the troublesome responsibility of murdering staff and family around your mansion to claim souls for dear old dad. Being knee-high to a grasshopper and weak as a kitten means he'll have to be cunning and sneaky, arranging unfortunate accidents. Or using supernatural powers like telekinesis and mind control, in a pinch.

Lucius is developed by Finnish studio Shiver Games. Here's the new E3 trailer:

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