Dead Island Riptide announced, is a mystery

Sometimes publishers use E3 to spill their guts about a new game, blasting screenshots, fact sheets and trailers into our soft faces. Other times, they casually drop a small announcement then walk away, like a lout tossing an empty cola can on the pavement. The latter's the case with Dead Island Riptide, Techland's sequel to zombie shooter-RPG Dead Island, announced at E3 by publisher Deep Silver for PC and consoles. And that's all we know. "An extensive reveal of its' thrilling new perils is planned for later this summer," Deep Silver said in the announcement. So we can expect perils in this sequel to a game about a zombie outbreak, then. New ones, too. But not right now, no. You'll have to wait. That image up top is from the original Dead Island, by the way, because the following logo is all Deep Silver has to show for the sequel. Sure, it's nice, but it's not quite as exciting:

Click to see the logo in stunning high resolution!