Star Wars 1313 gameplay trailers enter Uncharted territory

After the genuine thrills of Kinect Star Wars, LucasArts has a long way to boldly go to win back fans who would've adored dancing as Han Solo when they were a child but now demand maturity from their favourite young adult entertainment franchise. Star Wars 1313 is a stab at this, and three short gameplay trailers have come out of E3 to show its take on bounty-hunting.

Yes, Star Wars 1313 lets you perform the coolest of Star Wars jobs, bounty hunter. With nary a force power, you'll be poking around the criminal underground on the 1313th level of Coruscant, apparently undoing a conspiracy through dramatic Uncharted-style stunts and set pieces.

Platforms and a release date are unconfirmed so far, but PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions seem entirely reasonable as the game is built upon Unreal Engine 3.

BOOM video 13023

BOOM video 13024

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