Dungeons of Dredmor free expansion out today

Ooh, "E3 this" and "E3 that," it's like AAA mega-blockbusters are the only games which exist this week. Undaunted, Dungeons of Dredmor has pressed on and released its free DLC expansion, the wonderfully-named 'You Have To Name The Expansion Pack.' What's more, if you own a Steam copy, that's had Steam Workshop support patched in too, and it's on sale for $1.50 if you don't. The DLC includes four new skill lines--the Clockwork Knight, Rogue Scientist, Battle Geologist and Warlockery--new room shapes, monsters, and more. Read up on developer Gaslamp's blog for the full run-down. On Steam, the DLC's this-a-way. It's quite fitting that Steam Workshop support should launch today too, as the DLC's new additions are based upon community-made mods. Have a poke around the Workshop now, if you fancy. To celebrate all this, DoD is discounted by 70% to a mere $1.50 on Steam for the next week, or $2.25 with its other, not-free DLC.

Who doesn't want a steam rocket bolt?