NintendoLand announced for Wii U

Nintendo showed a new game at its E3 press briefing, titled Nintendo Land. The collection of mini-games is essentially a polished, branded version of some of last year's tech demos, modeled after a theme park. Your Mii visits the park and changes costumes to interact in each "park attraction."

The game features 12 attractions in all, and five will be on display on the show floor. A few titles include Donkey Kong Crash Course, Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, Takamaru Ninja Castle, and Luigi's Ghost Mansion. Ghost Mansion was shown in-depth, with four players (using Wii remotes) hunting down one Ghost player (with the touch screen controller). The ghost can win by making each of the other players faint.

It seems a bit like Wii Sports, in that it's the game meant to explain the concept to new Wii U users. Nintendo announced it will launch alongside the Wii U hardware, but did not announce it as a pack-in game for the system.