Pikmin 3 announced for Wii U

They've been away for a while, but those adorable Pikmin are to return in Pikmin 3 for the Wii U. Creator Shigeru Miyamoto unveiled it during Nintendo's E3 showcase, revealing a new Pikmin and how the Wii U's special tablet controller will be used.

Pikmin 3 can be controlled with the regular Wiimote and nunchuck, where the precision can help to carefully fling Pikmin. Like this, the tablet merely shows the map. However, you can also control it entirely with the tablet, where the map view makes the game more strategic. You can control up to four squad leaders in Pikmin 3, so you'll be able to quickly whip around the map to issue orders.

The new Pikmin is a rock type, which can be used to smash fragile objects.

Miyamoto explained that as casual gaming grows in popular, he hopes Pikmin 3 can tempt people into playing something a little deeper.

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