Crysis 3 enters the urban jungle in February 2013

Having previously said that Crysis 3 would arrive in the first quarter of 2013, EA used its E3 presentation to narrow down that a little further--to February, specifically. Grab your bow, because it'll be a warm winter.

Yes, February, that's when men will fire bows at other men in New York City! Crytek demonstrated the game live on stage, but it may be something of a disappointment for fans who preferred the open-world shenanigans of the first Crysis to the corridor shooter that was the second.

The snippet of gameplay saw Prophet engaging in bombastic scripted shenanigans and gunning men down gaily in the urban jungle. Of course, we must remember that such a presentation environment encourages big and stupid displays rather than slight and clever.

Pre-ordering Crysis 3 gets you the Hunter Edition, which packs a few early unlocks, a multiplayer XP boost, and a few special skins. Pre-ordering for PC from Origin gets you more early unlocks and dog tags too.

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